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We prioritize safety! All children are checked into SJC Kids with our computer program, Planning Center. Children must wear their nametag at all times until they are released to a parent/guardian. Children will be released to a parent/guardian upon matching the child’s tag with the guardian tag. We have a security door to control access into the children's department. The security door is closed and locked during each service time. Should a parent/guardian need access to their children during a time the doors are locked, they must show their guardian tag at the registration desk.


We have quality volunteers! All SJC Kids volunteers are background checked every two years. There are always at least two volunteers in each classroom when any children are present.


We have allergy safe classrooms! SJC Kids takes food allergies seriously. We have several children with severe allergies so we do not allow any outside food or drink to be brought into classrooms above the nursery and toddler rooms. We serve snacks that are peanut free. We also have gluten free and dairy free options when needed.

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